What I Do

Small and Medium-Sized Companies
I work directly with you and your management to improve communication and interaction between teams as well as between management and employees. Using actual situations from your daily work routine, I bring teams and management together to work on real-life solutions. Rather than a theoretical training, I work directly with all parties involved in the situation and moderate the group, helping the group to come up with real solutions to their own problems. When necessary, for example in process reengineering and cost reduction strategies, I work together with other external consultants to help your group come up with solutions tailored to your actual needs.

Large, International Companies
In large, international companies, I support leaders and teams to be efficient and effective in their interaction with each other and with their customers.
I coach two types of people in large organizations:

  1. People who are interested in being leaders in their organizations, and
  2. Managers who are interested in improving their soft skills/social competencies.

In large organizations, I also conduct trainings for basic communication skills including conflict resolution and customer service.

For projects involving several groups, I often work in a team of coaches or trainers. I work closely with a network of international coaches and trainers and I have the ability when necessary, to bring an entire team of coaches or trainers to the project.

Just one person and you want to know what we can do for you? You can choose private coaching or training with me or one of my colleagues. Check our FAQs to learn about joining one of our groups.

The topics I coach and train all relate to:
Effective Leadership and Management
Cultural Awareness