Leading and Motivating Groups
Whether your job is to lead a weekly departmental meeting or to manage an entire team, we help train you to:

  • Understand how people of all groups react and interact
  • Learn what motivates people to participate with others in teams and meetings
  • Structure meetings for efficiency
  • Increase the effectiveness of your team

Public Speaking
A 2001 Gallup poll showed that 40% of all people have a fear of public speaking. It is estimated that 75% of all people dislike public speaking. The fact is that more managers are required to make presentations to public audiences than ever before. We provide the support you need to make effective presentations no matter how large the audience. With training and coaching you will be more prepared and feel more confident to represent your department, your company or industry at any time. People who have used our methods have been able to:

  • Reduce their fear of presenting in front of an audience
  • Increase their ability to quickly prepare for a presentation
  • Strengthen their voice to reach even those located in the back of the room
  • Increase their ability to keep eye contact with all participants
  • Change negative, non-verbal signals into strong, positive signals
  • Learn how to use props, music and audience participation
  • Use the way they dress to influence acceptance from the audience

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Presenting in English
Did you know, when a person makes a presentation in a foreign language, they can lose up to 50% of their personal speaking “power”? Today, the most often used language in global companies is English, and although most mangers have learned the English language, not every manager feels comfortable presenting his or her company in English. Our training and coaching supports you in strengthening your ability to make presentations, conduct sales meetings, participate in negotiations and write correspondence.

  • Learn our 10-Method System for powerful presenting in English
  • Reduce your nervousness when using a foreign language
  • Replace weak non-verbal cues with powerful ones
  • Create an atmosphere of confidence

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