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  • Effective Managers
    Managers which bring a company the best, long-lasting results are managers which master a combination of strong skills for communicating and interacting with others called soft skills. I help managers communicate clearly and interact effectively with their teams so they can produce exceptional, long-lasting results.
    Soft Skills for Managers 


    Support for New Managers


  • Managing Change and Transition
    The results are in! International companies and world-renowned business schools are of the same opinion: a large portion of change projects fail to reach their goals. The number one factor related to projects which succeed? The change manager remembers that people are at the heart of every change project and that people are only able to adapt to change at their own pace.
    Using our methods, you will be able to:

    • Plan your change project for success
    • Gain support from all management levels
    • Communicate to gain positive action and reaction from all affected parties
    • Retain engaged and motivated workers

  • Conflict Resolution
    Every day an abundance of resources are wasted due to conflict within teams, between departments and over hierarchical lines within companies. The successful company has the ability to resolve conflict quickly and positively. If you notice unmet deadlines, gaps in communication and outright verbal conflict, contact us and we will devise a unique solution, tailored for your specific needs. Stinson Coaching & Training is proud to further the work of author and trainer Dr. Stella Cornelius of the Conflict Resolution Network in Australia. Dr. Cornelius has gracisously given her expert knowledge of conflict resolution to the community at large. For more information on the work from The Conflict Resolution Network, visit their webpage at www.crnhq.org

  • Stress Management
    The results are staggering: stress-related costs to businesses today are skyrocketing. A manager who is able to balance the demands placed upon him from his company and his personal life is a more valuable manager to your company. Managers who are often ill, who make costly mistakes or make decisions through the haze of alcohol or drugs are simply less valuable to your company. Our aim is to support companies in:

    • Reducing costs related to high-stress environments
    • Increasing the overall value each manager contributes to the company

  • Soft Skills for Project Managers

    Statistics have shown repeatedly, the number one reason projects fail is the people factor. Often, the company launches a new project, selects the project manager and starts the process, and that’s exactly what it is called, a process. Project management is a process of managing activities–activities which are operated by people! We help project managers to:

    • Understand when to communicate what to whom
    • Clearly communicate project goals and objectives
    • Watch for signals which indicate misunderstanding of project goals
    • Learn quick and effective conflict resolution methods for projects

    Our training partner in Germany for training project managers is Wolfram Ott & Partner. Since 1983, a distinguished exert in the project management industry, owner Herr Wolfram Ott has prepared project managers for certification and given freely of his time to the support of the industry. For more information, you can visit their website at www.wop-net.de
    Success in IT 


  • Motivating Others
    In 2001, Gallup rocked the international business world: fewer than 20% of all workers are totally engaged in working for their company (with enthusiasm, toward company goals).  A whopping 80% of all workers go to work every day, feeling little or no commitment to the company they work for. Unengaged workers are costing your company resources every day. Those statistics haven’t really changed much since 2001. Our training helps companies develop business processes which allow workers to grow and become valuable assets to the company.

  • Influencing People
    Influence, in the positive sense of the word, means being able to help another person to see and work under the positive aspects of even a negative situation. Every day managers are required to influence those around them, be it within the team, during a sales call, guiding change management processes, participating in negotiations or getting the next budget approved. With the support of our training and coaching, you will begin to learn the reasons why people react for you or against you. You will begin to see the signals people send out and learn to react before those signals turn into action.In addition to trainings, Stinson Coaching & Training can offer your company personal assessments to help managers understand their own behaviors and inner motivations better, as well as the behaviors and motivators of team members.

  • Succession Planning for Family-Run Businesses
    Managing succession is a must – but many family-run business owners find it difficult to focus on the topics of leaving the company, or even death. Many wait until the timing is too late to make an effective process for succession. If you are ready to begin the process, take a look at my pdf which will make the process easier for you to structure.

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    Family Run Business A Guide to Managing Hidden Pitfalls

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