For Individuals

Specifically for Private Pay Clients

You are a manager or the owner of your own company and you are looking for personal support and want to pay privately? Many of my clients are in this category. Prices for private pay clients are flexible and commensurate to your situation.

I work with individuals in a range of topics including motivation, leadership, management, communication, interaction with others, workplace behavior, teambuilding, selling, career development and cultural awareness. During our work together, I use a mixture of short trainings and long term coachings. Most of my clients average between five to ten sessions in a three month period and many continue with one or two follow-up coachings per year after that.

Stop trying to be like someone else. Work on being the very best YOU you can possibly be!

Normally, after just the first one or two sessions, my clients report feeling a sense of relief and strength, coupled with a new-found hope as they begin to see their situation in a different light and with different potential solutions. After several sessions, many clients say they feel surprised that they now have totally different reactions to situations which normally in the past caused them angst or frustration.

I work in English and in German (fluent). Your coaching sessions can take place in your home, at your place of work or I can offer my private coaching rooms in Fellbach, near Stuttgart. For more information regarding methods, topics and costs, call me and we will talk personally about your individual needs.


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