Before Hiring a Coach –

– Ask at least these three questions:

  1. What qualifies you to coach me on this topic?
  2. What benefits will I have in a coaching experience with you as opposed to with another coach?
  3. What three words describe you as a person?

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I help people be the best they can be at work. My clients are managers, team leaders and project owners in large and mid-sized companies, often in an international environment. I work with both men and women clients and I coach and train in native English and fluent German. I’m looking forward to seeing you in your European or U.S. American offices soon!

What is Coaching

What can you expect from coaching? How long does it take? What is the difference between coaching and training? The benefits of coaching are diverse and long-lasting. Imagine, private talks with someone who is there to help you find the best strategy and the most fitting solutions to the things which are most important to you. One person who is always on your side, helping you reach what you want and need to reach, focused on helping you be the very best you can be at work.

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Multiple cultures, virtual teams, living abroad. These are the topics I support in international companies.

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Check here for answers to frequently asked questions.

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Peggy Stinson

Coaching and training leaders to be effective in an international environment. Helping to create good communication and effective interaction.

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  • I was able to get ideas and new perspectives on my situation and find clarity for good solutions.–CEO, 230 employees, national non-profit

  • The company was having really tough times. Moral was low, motivation was null. The coachings were important so that I could help focus the employees on what was important and to keep my own motivation level and conentration level high.–Owner, 50 employees, national manufacturing company

  • Coaching gave me self confidence. I learned how to be assertive and how to focus on my priorities.–Department Manager, 40 reports, global manufacturing company

  • I’m goal-driven and analytical. Leading a virtual team all over the world, I just didn’t want to lose the people side. My sessions help me to focus on the people and to put that into the equation.–Vice President, global manufacturing company

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Let’s Learn Together You are still looking for answers to work situations?

  • Just got passed over for that last promotion?
  • Is your team running over you at the moment?
  • Feel like you are burdened with too much of a share of the work?
  • Got a colleague who keeps selling your ideas as their own?
  • Feel you don’t fit in with most of your colleagues?
  • Wish you could speak your mind without fear?

Let’s Get Started You possess a high amount of personal energy and company resources and you have the authority to put things into action right now.

  • Got lots of ideas and want to put them into action?
  • Ready to bring your team to the next level of performance?
  • Preparing for that next promotion?
  • Taking on new duties, projects or regions?
  • Adding “international” to your business card?

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