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Coaching Explained

Guidelines - Limitations - Expectations



International Coaching Foundation

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.
The Executive Forum - Institute of Coaching

We believe executive coaching is most successful as a three-way partnership...Although the primary work is between executive and coach, coaching is always an organizational intervention and, as such, should be conducted within the context of the organization’s goals and objectives.

Ethical Code - Gold Standard

For 25 years, I have used the following ethical standards as a foundation for my approach and it is my promise to work with my client in a professional, ethical manner - treating the coaching situation and the coachee with the utmost respect.

  • International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics
  • "The Executive Coaching Handbook - Principles and Guidelines for a Successful Coaching Partnership" Sixth Edition, developed by The Executive Coaching Forum
  • Ethik der Deutscher Verband für Coaching und Training (dvct) e.V.
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Centre

How to Hire an Executive Coach

Asking the right questions before hiring is an important the key to a successful coaching partnership. Use this checklist of questions to get you through the process of deciding which coach to hire.


My Approach to Coaching


Our coaching sessions will be focused on business topics. That being said, generally speaking, a substantial part of leadership involves human interaction – either with another person or with oneself. In addition to bringing my business acumen into play, the foundation for my leadership coaching is also built on the human side of business – the social sciences which help us understand human interaction: psychology, sociology, anthropology.

What I Don't Do

My coaching foundation is built on evidence-based approaches to human interaction and business procedures. If you are looking for a coach to explore spirituality, somatic experiencing, esoteric approaches, or drug-induced performance, I would not be the right choice for you.


I work face-to-face, online, or on the phone with clients during sessions. Most sessions are 60-90 minutes, but there have been times when a ten-minute call was all my client needed to re-align themselves for an important personal interaction: a meeting, a presentation, or even a negotiation. You'll want to consider which approach is best for you: 1:1 sessions, or a 90-day package.

Topics and Focus

During our sessions, my job is to help you see the topic of business leadership from several different perspectives. My job is to help you develop strategies for strengthening things you want to strengthen, and for eliminating things you no longer need. No matter which topic you bring to the session, outcomes are often influenced by your decision making, problem solving, and how you interact with others. I will specifically look for what motivates you, how you approach challenges, and what you employ to solve problems. There will be lots of questions from my side, and the answers will all be yours to choose from.

Sparring Partner

As your sparring partner, my job as your coach is to reflect back to you what I see, hear, and “feel” as well as offer suggestions for finding new approaches to old topics. I see coaching as a process of discovery on your side and a process of guiding on my side. For me, guiding doesn’t mean telling. Telling another person how to approach life is not coaching.

My Wish for Every Client

Using high awareness techniques, you will master these four steps in a way you never did before.

  • Observe what is happening
  • Discern what is important for you
  • Become aware of additional influencing factors
  • Comprehend what is needed to move forward


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Coaching is only successful when the fit is right for you. You can cancel anytime – even if you purchase a package. For Trainings and Workshops, you’ll need to follow the cancellation instructions for each event.

No, you can purchase one or more 1:1 sessions at a time.

Yes. A contract for professional services will be provided. All services and cancellation terms will be stated in the contract.

The pricing page on this website reflects all prices for all sessions - whether 1:1 or package prices. As prices may change for each offer, please check this page for the up-to-date pricing information.

Cancellation / rescheduling due to illness or other unforeseen situations is possible. The terms of such situations will be written in the contract.

Many professional associations have differing descriptions for specific fields of work. These are the ones I use:

Coaching - a non-directive form of development focusing on improving performance and developing an individual.

Mentoring - a relationship in which a more experienced colleague shares their greater knowledge to support the development of an inexperienced individual.

Psychotherapy - psychotherapists are trained to help people who are facing mental illnesses, and coaches are not.

Consulting - coaches guide you to find your own solutions, while consultants lay out recommendations.


Yes. I am experienced and certified in several areas of training and workshop facilitation. Use the contact form to ask about my services.