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Executive Coaching and Leadership Training

Unlock your potential - dive into the world of Dynamic Leadership

Become the leader that others are proud to follow.

Senior Leaders | Women Leaders | Entrepreneurs

Lead Yourself - Lead Others

Use executive coaching sessions to tackle the two most important factors in becoming a dynamic leader. Try individual sessions or a complete package. Each comes with a free, 30-minute introduction call. I'll answer all of your questions and you can see if there is a flow and if we will be a fit for each other.

1:1 Coaching Sessions or 90-Day Package


Navigating human interaction can be tricky. Do you know what impact your interaction has on others...or yourself? If 100% of your time is spent either interacting with others or with yourself, wouldn't it be great to have a crystal ball. Join these sessions and explore the inescapable influence of your interactions.

  • Catch silent signals before they escalate to potential threats
  • Understand the keys to human motivation - based on scientific foundations
  • Turn mediocre interactions into powerful connections
  • Have more positive influence over customer projects
  • Renew team member engagement

1:1 Coaching Sessions or 90-Day Package


The success of a project is sometimes more dependent on your team leadership style than the process itself. Focus on topics which help you enhance and master the competencies of a dynamic leader, and move your team to be more engaged and diligent.

  • Ensure your leadership style is aligned with your values
  • Understand how your style is perceived by others
  • Bring your hidden talents to life
  • Change resistance into flexibility
  • Revitalize your personal strength
  • Replace inner stumbling blocks

1:1 Coaching Sessions or 90-Day Package


The minority of leaders are women. With this package, you will ensure you are building a strong foundation, broad and deep enough to support you wherever you find yourself in the organizational hierarchy.

  • Focus on shaping a foundation of resilience and well-being and manage emotions so they serve you.
  • Create a network of supporters who are genuinely interested in your growth. Ensure that who you really are at work, and what you stand for, shines through when others hear your name.
  • Communicate with authority, lead confidently, and let others know you understand what it means to take responsibility for getting the job done.
  • Explore the world of negotiation from many perspectives and find your strong corner.
  • Discover your own powerful platform where you are in flow and motivated. Explore the boundaries that need to be set and fix them firmly so that there are no open questions about them later.

Science-backed Methods to Support Your Growth


I take personal development as a serious endeavor made by people who care about themselves and who strive toward personal mastery (as opposed to perfection). Toward that end, I do my very best to provide you the most up-to-date methods available for personal development, and I will continue to enhance and exchange methods as new information comes my way. These sessions are for you if you are interested in: 

  • Focus on personal growth for business success
  • Science backed methods (with the understanding that science evolves)
  • Methods and foundations that are flexible and can be adapted to your unique needs
  • Insights and skills that are meaningful to you and long-lasting


About Me

  • Serving leaders from corporations, mid-sized companies, and startups
  • Industry Experience: High-Tech | Precision Manufacturing | AI and Machine Learning | Medical Devices | Hardware/Software | SAP | Industrial and Heavy Manufacturing | Automotive | White Goods | Chemical | Industrial Engineering | Industrial Design | Health Services | Government | Legal | Food and Beverage | Service | Startups
  • Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer since 2004
  • Participation and membership in professional associations
  • 25+ years as a business owner, leadership coach, and facilitator
  • Work fluently in English and German

"I am committed to supporting your personal development journey with professionalism, transparency, curiosity, and flexibility." Peggy Stinson







How To Hire a Coach

Check out these resources to get more information about what to look for when hiring a coach. It is important to work with someone who fits your personal needs and preferences. It is also important to find a competent partner who will understand your business challenges.