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The Power of Leading Yourself

Master Your Inner Leader

1:1 Executive Coaching Sessions or 90-Day Package

6 individual sessions, each session focuses on one current business topic

Join me for six powerful conversations about leadership that will transform the way others interact with you. Strengthen your core competencies. Empower your inner leader and bring that to light when complex challenges need modern problem-solving strategies and flexible decision-making. Dynamic leaders understand their style – how to enhance it and how to manage it. Each 2-hour session will be based on your personal needs and packed with stimulating questions that lead to answers, as well as examples drawn from real life business cases.

Session 1

Self-Awareness, Strengths, and Weaknesses

In this session, we will develop a framework for you to enhance your strengths and decrease the influence of your weaknesses. Learn to be more aware of your leadership style and how it affects the work of your team. And just as importantly, be more aware of how others, who have the power to make decisions about you and your future, perceive your leadership style. The framework you develop will become your key, your bargaining chip, sometimes a lever, or even an anchor for yourself. Take this session to see yourself with clarity and curiosity and take control of how your leadership style will be perceived.

Session 2

Goals, Habits, and Motivation

Let’s talk about human behavior at work – how we attain goals, how we set up good work habits, what motivates us to stick with it when the going gets tough. Although each person is unique, we are all still part of the species of human beings. That means, we all have the same underlying base of functioning which affects our actions and behaviors as a leader. Broaden your understanding of the functioning of the human brain and open yourself to a whole new world of how you lead yourself through life.

Session 3

Powerful Communication

It’s not just what you say, it’s how, when, where, and why you say it, and to whom. Communication is a lever you pull – open or closed – and it can determine willingness, engagement, motivation, and loyalty from the other side. Verbal and non-verbal communication begins the day you are born and it’s the oldest, automated tool you bring with you on your first day of work. Being aware of your communication style and managing it to your advantage, and to the betterment of the work environment, brings a sense of empowerment and self-confidence which is a cornerstone of dynamic leadership.

Session 4

Facing Conflict, Change, and Resistance

In this session we will examine your decision-making and problem-solving tactics when faced with conflict and resistance. You will gain insights into your preferences of behaviors while dealing with others in stressful situations. The focus here is on you – your personal needs, and your behaviors which either serve you, or don’t. You will develop a personal matrix for being more self-aware of how your behaviors affect your team or department.

Session 5

Dealing with Failure, Overwhelm, and Burnout

How do you deal with inner conflict? If you are like most people, you either ignore it, or you externalize it. Inner conflict which is not dealt with in a healthy manner often leads to overwhelm and burnout, and for some it leads to lost opportunities and lost relationships. In this session, we’ll cover causes, and motives of inner conflict and you will develop methods for quicker personal resolution. We will look at tried and true solutions for overcoming the feeling of personal failure and alleviating overwhelm and burnout.

Session 6

Open Topic - to be decided

Your last session - here is where you work on the topic of your choice. Do a deep-dive into one or more of the topics already covered. Or bring your own topic. Here are some work-related ideas: preparing for a promotion, career change, conflict, negotiation, working with suppliers etc. Here are some personal topics: mental well-being, anxiety, setting boundaries, working despite personal loss/trauma, etc.

Evidence-Based and Science-Informed Coaching Techniques

I work with evidence-based coaching techniques and use science-informed frameworks for coaching sessions.


Package vs. Individual

90 Days (or 6 months)


6 total sessions, 2 hours per session, Duration 90 days or 6 months

300 /session

Includes a one-time, 30-minute introduction call. Meet online or in person. Travel costs and taxes not included. Cancel anytime. Total cost €1800

Choose one of two packages above: Leading Yourself / Leading Others


90 Minutes

Individual Sessions

225 /session

Includes a one-time, free, 30-minute introduction call. Meet online or in person. Travel costs and taxes not included. Cancel anytime.

You determine the topic. If you are not sure, try one of the topics above, or we will determine the topic at start of the call.


Introduction Call

are we a fit?


Before committing to any program, take advantage of my free, 30-minute intro call to see if this is right for you.