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Executive Coaching Package - 90 days (or 6 months)

Women Leaders


When Women Lead...Power Follows

As a woman leader, I am dedicated to supporting women who want to own their power to inspire and lead. I am passionate about supporting women to become clear about their unique vision, and to become secure in their ability to drive teams forward and turn challenges into opportunities for growth and progress. I strongly believe women have a special place in moving businesses forward in a manner that benefits all levels of the organization. Join me in these sessions to build confidence and authority in your role. As you embrace your full leadership potential, you’ll discover how it transforms not only your career but also your personal growth and progress.

Emotions, Resilience, Well-Being

Everyone has emotions - but the reality is, when women show emotions, others start churning out the labels. Women leaders don't need to turn themselves into "men", rather they need to understand how their emotions affect their work environment and personal achievement goals. In this session, we will focus on understanding emotions and techniques for managing them. Explore effective strategies for managing stress and cultivating emotional health so that you build your personal resilience to life's ups and downs and enhance your own well-being.

Personal Branding, Networking

In this session we will focus on how to elevate your professional presence and expand your network with targeted personal branding for women. Learn to powerfully communicate your unique strengths, and to build meaningful connections, opening doors to opportunities and career growth.

Communication, Leading Others, Entrepreneurial Mindset

Master the power of communication and ensure that your work ambitions become a reality. Let's work together and turn your personal story into a compelling narrative. In our sessions, I will guide you to use powerful communication to engage your team and drive innovation, setting a course for you to bring a feminine power to the idea of dynamic leadership.


Enhance your negotiation skills with techniques tailored for women aiming for success. Develop a confident approach with strategies that emphasize preparation, assertive communication, and adaptability to achieve favorable outcomes. I have negotiated deals with governments, global enterprises, small business owners, and community organizations. I am happy to support your learning curve to becoming the successful negotiator you want to be.

Self Motivation, Empowerment, Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is just the first step to self-empowerment. Self-empowerment is a mindset, it is a belief in you - that you are worth getting what you want to get out of life. If you are trying to motivation yourself, it's important to make sure your foundation is built on the things you believe in and value - otherwise, motivation goes out the window. Use this session to align your aspiration goals to your personal foundation.

Open Topic

This is your last session - use it for whichever topic is most important to you! Choose to work deeply on a topic we've already covered, or choose something new. I am here to support your self development goals.


Coaching Packages / Individual Sessions

90 DAYS (or 6 months)

6 x 2

6 total sessions, 2 hours per session, Duration: 90 days or 6 months

300 /session

Includes a one-time, free, 30-minute introduction call. Meet online or in person. Travel costs and taxes not included. Cancel anytime. Total cost €1800


90 Min

Individual Sessions

225 /session

Includes a one-time, free, 30-minute introduction call. Meet online or in person. Travel costs and taxes not included. Cancel anytime.


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Group Coaching


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